Chef Andre Stops By to Help Us With Father’s Day Menus


Chef Andre Stops By to Help Us With Father’s Day Menus

Today on GetRealLive we had our favorite Chef, Andre Carthen drop in and help us figure out a great Father’s Day Menu. This helped me out a lot because my hubby, who is a total foodie, decided that since the Japanese Restaurant of his choice isn’t open this Sunday…. he would like to eat at home. When he said this I instantly thought, “I have to talk to Andre’. How was I ever going to please my hubby’s extraordinary palate with some of the ‘norms’ that I have been creating. I needed to pull out the gold and dazzle him with some new and exciting treats that would stimulate any seasoned and knowledgeable foodie.

So, with Andre in the mix I have a few options that I know will please my hubby. Also, these are things the kids can get involved in, which is really fun. Below are a few suggestions for Father’s Day and other events. To hear more, click on the media player and listen to today’s show:

Mini Cheese Cakes * Pulled Pork Sliders * Roasted Red Pepper Soup * Mini Chipoltle Cupcakes

These are just some of the ideas that Andre shared with us. Additionally, because my hubby loves shell fish we will have a crab and lobster fiesta happening throughout the day. I asked Andre for some new and exciting sides for our shellfish and he suggested a curried coleslaw with sun raisins. Ooooohhhhh Good!

Needless to say, the panic I was experiencing when my hubby first suggested Father’s Day lunch at home has now subsided. A conversation with Andre on GetRealLive always makes a difference. I am now armed and ready to create a Father’s Day to remember but first I’m hosting a ‘Mumma Needs Wine Night’ this Thursday. This night is all about us Mum’s celebrating the end of the school year, who knows maybe we will sit around a firepit and burn brown paper lunch bags in celebration (just kidding but not a bad idea). Then on Friday night I have 13 – 11 year old boys at my house for a Paintball/Sleepover Birthday for my son. What next? Oh yes, the following weekend we have my 7 year old’s Art Birthday Party………

All I can say today is THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY for my Friend and Go to Man when it comes to Food and Entertaining, CHEF ANDRE CARTHEN.

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