Red Thai Curry

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Red Thai Curry

Okay, for all of you who follow us regularly and who LOVE our ‘tried & true’ GetRealLive Recipes, this one will NOT disappoint.

Barry Crocker Jr. and his lovely family are some of our closest friends and whenever we are together one thing is for sure…. we will EAT! We love getting together and it’s always a food explosion, whether it be Philip’s famous Seafood Nights complete with freshly shucked oysters, Crab and Lobster and usually a bucket o’ clams, Barry’s delicious Chicken Burgers (I promise I will get that recipe from him….) or our GetRealLive fav Bill Grangers Caramel Chicken food when we are together NEVER disappoints. This coupled with years of family memories, kids growing up, challenges in life, the highs and the lows and then, of course, everything in between. With all of this, we consider the Crocker family one of our nearest and dearest and a safe place for all of us.

So, without much more I want to share this video with you, Barry has not only shared the recipe but he’s taken the time to share it via video for our family, friends, readers, listeners and followers to enjoy. I promise that once you have this, you won’t regret it and you (like myself) will crave it. Also, your kids will enjoy it and the moment the scent begins to travel through your home, your kitchen will have a gravitational pull that simply can’t be denied. It’s perfect to serve guests as well and you will dazzle them with your culinary brilliance. Additionally, it keeps well so leftovers are perfect.

Enjoy friends and thanks Barry for doing this and believing in GetRealLive. For those of you in LA if you want to see more of Barry, check out Hope Church Santa Monica where he and Suzie his wife Pastor a vibrant and very relevant Church. His three gorgeous children are there as well and over the years, they have been some of the most beautiful influences in my children’s lives. Explaining that to you really sums up the story of GetRealLive ~ we are all about building extraordinary families, developing relationships and strengthening the communities we live in. Trust me LA friends, if we were there, we’d be at Hope Church Santa Monica.