There are many opinions about GLEE. You likely either love it or hate it. To some it is a show full of adults acting like teenagers singing annoying pop songs. To others it is an hour of whimsical entertainment, witty humor and enjoyable music.

GLEE definitely has an agenda and it can certainly be a very divisive show, igniting many opinions. Nonetheless, whether you agree with it or not, it is making its cultural impact and adding its voice to the mix. In watching only one episode of GLEE you will see the most colorful, odd, awkward characters creating at times some very uncomfortable moments.

When it’s all said and done, here are 5 reasons why GLEE has made a positive impact on society and why it should be celebrated.

  1. It celebrates diversity– GLEE represents people of different faith, color, age and status. From characters such as Becky with down syndrome or Artie in a wheelchair, GLEE endeavors to show the normalcy of all people. Without choosing a side, it celebrates people from every angle. It teaches us that everyone has a battle in front of them and helps us see life through different eyes.
  2. It encourages individuality– It promotes that idea that it is ok if you are not like everybody else; challenging the belief system that you must be like the crowd to be cool. Often differences can intimidate people causing them to be afraid of each other. GLEE shows us that friendships and bonds can be formed between people no matter how different we truly are.
  3. It speaks against Bullying– Gone are the days when the bully is the big man on campus. GLEE uses its platform to advocate against bullying and teaches that this is not acceptable at any level. It empathizes with those who have been bullied and offers hope and comfort, providing encouragement to those who may presently face bullies on a daily basis.
  4. It creates conversation– Through its shock tactics and crazy antics, we may not agree with everything GLEE puts forth but at least it opens the door to conversation. It allows for moments of teaching between parents and children and creates opportunity for some incredible discussion that in past may have been taboo or never mentioned.
  5. It celebrates culture- GLEE takes all the things we love and in fun and quirky ways celebrates culture. It showcases music of past and present in every style and genre. In some way, it holds up a mirror in front of us and gets us to laugh at ourselves. It subtly mocks society and pokes fun at the little things we do that are laughable.  GLEE reminds us all of our high school days and no matter what character we most relate to, we can find ourselves within the story.

Scott Bakken