Food that Loves You Back- How is Your Love Life with Food


Food that Loves You Back- How is Your Love Life with Food

In our incredible interview with Daphne Oz, she spoke about our relationship with food. I have never thought of my food in this manner, but the truth is it is very similar to a relationship with people. Daphne suggested that we should ‘eat food that loves us back’. Just as a relationship goes both ways, so it is with our food. Sure, your food doesn’t speak to you and if it does, you may want to get some help regarding that! However, it does have the ability to give, take, help, hurt, cure or bring cause to your life. Some people allow food to be abusive thinking the food actually loves them when in fact it is causing so much harm. Others are co-dependent, looking to food for support and security. Others can allow food to harm them, thinking it is their only friend but in reality it is bringing about negative effects such as weight gain, diabetes or inflammation.

On the flip side, I love the concept of being in a relationship with food that loves you back, enabling you to go forward and live your best life. Food that fuels, strengthens, heals and supports you. We can all have this if we decide we are worth and deserve it. It comes in educating ourselves, learning the power of food and giving our bodies what it really needs not just to survive, but to thrive.

Here are some thoughts on eating food that loves you back!

1. Date Your Food– Find out what works for you and doesn’t. Try new recipes and discover new flavors. Get out on the town and meet some new dishes!
2. Have a Fling- The rule is eat clean 80% and cheat 20%. If you were to eat 6 small meals a day, that is 42 meals a week. This means 4.2 meals can be a cheat meal.
3. Add a Little Spice– Next time you go down the spice isle, but some new ones. Try adding them to your dishes and making that chicken and broccoli dish come alive.
4. Look Beyond the Profile Pic- Often we are attracted to what we see at the surface, but get to know your food on a deeper level. What are the true ingredients and find out if they are really what you need to build a lasting relationship.

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