Dr. Oz’s Green Drink – Spring Clean : Detoxing Our Lives


Dr. Oz’s Green Drink – Spring Clean : Detoxing Our Lives

Well friends as you know Scott and I are doing our Spring Clean : Detoxing Our Life. With Spring in the air, what better time than now to clean out every area of life, body soul and spirit.

I have been busy working out with Alex (get ready for my next update on my Training Journey) and I am on day 7 of my 30-day detox and Scott is on day 5 of his 30-day detox. We are feeling great and thus far are loving the experience. We are feeling the impact on and in our bodies, which is exciting. I (Susan) am really noticing clarity… as a busy mother of 3 this is something I didn’t even realise I wasn’t experiencing. I can only attribute this to my workouts with my Trainer, Alex Mohtadi and to the goodness we are putting into our bodies.


Today, Scott and I decided to put Dr. Oz’s ‘Green Drink’ to the test. Scott stumbled across this drink whilst I was away enjoying our GetRealLive Cruise on Princess Cruises and wrote about it. After talking about it and embracing our Detoxing we thought we would give this drink, which is high in fibre, low in calories and full of vitamins, a go.

We hope you enjoy this short video and will try this drink at home. For the recipe click HERE.

And…. Stay tuned because we have Dr. Oz’s lovely daughter Daphne Oz (seen on The Chew) who will be joining us on GetRealLive Radio soon. One of Daphne’s smoothies has become a favorite in our home… Will share that recipe shortly.


Susan & Scott