GetRealLive Cruises with Princess

Susan / Welcome

GetRealLive Cruises with Princess

Well friends, we are here!!! The GetRealLive Cruise is happening and we are having an absolute ball. As I write this I am gazing out at the beautiful Bahamas whilst nestled comfortably in my suite on the Grand Princess.

I find myself marveling at how things unfold. Last year, along with my family and at the generosity of my mother, we took our maiden voyage on the Ruby Princess. Exactly 1 year later we find ourselves again being spoiled by the Princess family. However this time, we didn’t come alone, we brought an entire GetRealLive group with us and we’re having fun.

Get ready for a few updates, pics, vlogs and stories all from the decks, the bars, pool side, the gym (yes, my change the age program is still happening whilst on holiday) and of course our annual Karaoke competition… Robert and Philip are currently planning their songs and the Pop Princess Competition gets underway tonight…. Stay tuned for the updates ☺. As requested by many of our friends/followers & fans, we will take pics of the incredible food we will dining on. It’s already proving to be outstanding.

I’ll sign off now and head down to the pool ~ the kids are already there. After returning from an afternoon at Princess Cayes Island a poolside pre dinner cocktail is on the program.

Ahhhh…. The life with Princess it just gets better and better.

Susan xo