Social Fusion Live Event With Peter Walsh March 13th


It’s HAPPENING FRIENDS and we’re so excited. This is our 2ND Social Fusion LIVE Event with the amazing Peter Walsh and we want you to be totally engaged.

How to Engage:

1) TWEET:  Go for it and tweet away using #CalgarySpringClean and join the fun conversation. To be part of a private room (which allows you to totally focus on just this convo!) you can go to

2) LISTEN: Tune in to hear Peter Walsh live on GetRealLive Radio. It’s super simple and it’s super fun…. Click HERE!!!!!

3) STATUS UPDATE: Use Facebook and let your friends know that you are listening to Peter help us get UNCLUTTERED and ORGANISED. Share this page with them and tell them to join the fun!

Rules of Engagement:

1) Questions: All of your questions can be tweeted and we will try and answer as many as possible. If you have some you would like to send us then jump on GetRealLive Facebook Page and LIKE us and throw your question in…

2) Make sure you remember to use our hashtag #CalgarySpringClean so we see you.

3) LIKE us on Facebook for a chance to win one a signed copy of Peter’s latest book.

4) INVITE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY… Everyone is invited 🙂

Thank You For Your Purchase!








Thank You for Purchasing your tickets to GetRealLive Presents Peter Walsh LIVE! This is going to be one amazing event and we look forward to hosting you. Tickets will be emailed to you closer to the event.

Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at

We may send you an email from time to time to update you on any event news!

Did you know that GetRealLive is an Weekday Online Radio show with lots of great guests! You can listen to our Live  or on demand! For more information Click  Here!

Thanks again and we can’t to see YOU there!

Susan, Scott and the GetRealLive Team

Peter Walsh Tickets

Darlene Zschech LIVE August 20th GRL Special Edition

Darlene Zschech joins us for a very special episode of GetRealLive August 20th at 6:30pm / 9:30pm Est; for our Australia friends 11:30am on August 21st. Together with her husband Mark, they lead Hope Global; an international organization that was initiated as a response to the genocide of Rwanda in 1994.The purpose is simple; restore Hope! Darlene will be sharing incredible stories from families in Rwanda as we hear how the simplest acts can make a huge difference.

Darlene is an internationally acclaimed singer/ songwriter who has impacted inspirational music with her songs and teaching and continues to carve a way for the rising artist. Her most famous song, “Shout to the Lord‘ is sung in over 25 million churches weekly and has been dubbed the modern day ‘Amazing Grace’. Author of several books including her latest, ‘The Art of Mentoring‘, Darlene brings insight and widsom for practical everyday living.

Darlene is married to Mark Zschech and together they have three girls Amy, Chloe and Zoe.

This LIVE conversation will include a live tweet chat which you can join! Hashtag #hopeglobal on the night via Twitter and be involved in the conversation! More details to come!